Trust or Sink?

“And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” Matthew 14:28

If you’ve read this account before, you’ll remember that the disciples were in a boat and Jesus came walking toward them on the water. The Bible tells us that Peter called out to Jesus and said, “Lord, if it is you, bid me to come to you on the water.” Jesus told him to come and Peter walked on the water for a while. Then he began to look at the boisterous winds around him and when he did, he began to sink. The next thing we see happening is Peter crying out to Jesus to save him.

As I thought about this account, I noticed that Peter had the faith to call out to Jesus and ask Him to let him come to Him, and at Jesus’ word He stepped out onto the water. When Peter began to sink, he had the faith to call out to Jesus to save him. But if you’ll notice, he did not have the same faith in Jesus when he looked at the “storm” around him. We are no different than Peter- we have faith in the Lord to step into the water, and if we get in trouble and start to sink we have faith in Him to save us, it seems that our trouble comes in the “middle” of the storm. That’s when we have trouble believing and trusting Him. I trust Him to get me out there, I trust Him to save me when I sink, but can I trust Him when I’m in the storm and it’s raging all around me? Do I have the faith to believe that He can keep me afloat? Do I forget Who is with me on the stormy sea? Most people find it hard to walk “with” Him in the storm.

This is where our problem lies. When Peter was sinking, Jesus asked him why he doubted? In other words…why did you doubt that I would take care of you while you were out here? We must learn to trust Him while we are in the boat, when we take that first step out of the boat, when we are sinking… and while we are going through “boisterous” times.

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