Women’s Bible Study – Starting Your Own Study

If you are a Christian woman who enjoys studying your bible and fellowshipping with other Christian women, you may want to consider starting your own women’s bible study. A bible study is a great way to hold yourself and other women accountable to reading God’s Word on a consistent basis. It is also a good way to feel encouraged in your walk as everyone shares the ways they have seen God move in their lives.

Where to Start

The first thing to consider before starting a women’s bible study is your commitment to seeing the idea through. If you would like to start a study then you should be prepared to lead and organize the study. This doesn’t mean you must do all of the tasks yourself, but a successful bible study needs a leader to manage the overall process. Taking on this role is a big responsibility that should be considered carefully and prayerfully.

Once you have committed yourself to leading a women’s bible study, it is time to consider the logistics. Are you willing to host a bible study in your own home? If not, you will need to find someone else who is willing to help. Since most women’s bible studies occur during the day, you will need to accommodate small children. A host home with a finished basement is usually the ideal situation as it allows the children room to run around without interrupting your study.

Choose a Discussion Leader and Study Material

After identifying a place for your bible study you will need to identify a discussion leader. Perhaps you would like to lead the study, perhaps not. Either way, the discussion leader should not be a new believer but someone more advanced in their faith. The discussion leader does not need to spend hours each week preparing for the study but is there to simply guide the discussion. This role could even be rotated amongst a few different women to avoid placing too much of a burden on just one person.

Now that you have a place and a discussion leader chosen, you will need to decide on a format. Think about how often the group should meet – every other week may be a good place to start. Also decide on your curriculum. Will you just walk your way through a book of the bible or would you prefer to use an established women’s bible study guide. This decision should be based mostly on the knowledge and input of your discussion leader.

Get Your Pastor’s Approval

If you decide to use an established bible study guide you will need to find a recommended resource. Check around online, especially with Christian bookstores, to see what is available and look for reviews by others. If you have a Christian bookstore near your home, you may want to stop by and actually flip through some resources. Once you have identified some possibilities, schedule a meeting with your Pastor to go over your ideas and get his input.

At this point (assuming you have your Pastor’s okay) you are ready to begin your study. Start talking to some of your friends at church and ask them to invite other Christian women they know in your area who do not attend your church. Put a notice in your church bulletin and ask your Pastor to make a quick announcement during your church service. And don’t forget to invite some of your friends and neighbors who are unbelievers also. You would be surprised how many stay at home moms are looking for an outlet to make new friends, even at a women’s bible study.

©2008 by Carrie Balrok, owner of The Christian Woman