When we separate the word Thanks-giving
The meaning becomes two-fold
Giving from our abundance to others
And thanking God with our heart and soul.

As family and friends begin to gather
Love and joy are expressed in word
While from in front of the television
Shouts of sports fans can be heard.

The children are running and playing
With cousins they haven’t seen in a while
I wonder, when God looks down and sees
If perhaps it makes him smile?!

Everyone should search their heart
And sincerely keep, when they find,
The love they feel on Thanksgiving
Within themselves all of the time.

Coming from in the kitchen
Mouth watering aromas one can smell
As old family recipes are prepared
With secret ingredients the women won’t tell.

Finally it’s time for the feast to begin
From the fireplace a warm glow illuminates all
With heads bowed and thanks given
In God’s presence, silence falls.

The table is filled with delicious things
Like turkey, dressing, cakes and pies,
Vegetables and breads made with love
One can hardly believe their eyes !

When everything is said and done
And everyone’s stomach has been filled
One will find throughout the house
Folks suffering from overeating ills !

After relief is finally attained
It’s time for the family expedition
To find the perfect Christmas tree
As a part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

In the evening, once again they gather ‘round
For the adorning and lighting of the tree
The final touch of another Thanksgiving
Creating for each one there, a special memory.

(C) 2007 Anita Johnson

Anita Johnson writes for