Richmont Direct

Richmont Direct offers four fabulous product lines for you to shop from. Feelings of Christmas is our collection of beautiful, treasure Christmas items from around the world. World of Cooking serves up high quality cookware and tabletop items. In Richmont Creations, you can create a unique, custom gift with your personal touch. Jewelry, Gifts and Collectibles offers stunning jewelry and accessories you’ll love to show off.

What are the start-up costs?
To be a Sales consultant, you must purchase a starter kit from one line that we sell. After becoming a Sales Consultant, you have the full ability to sell from all four of our lines through home parties, personal sales, or through your personal web page. Standard kits cost $99.95 plus $25 shipping and tax. Standard kits have retail products valued at $200-$250. Premium kits cost $199.95 plus $50 shipping and tax. Premium kits have retail products valued at $500. We offer an alternative to purchasing a kit by earning it. You host a starter party and have the ability to earn the entire cost of the kit. We also have an E-consulting program, which is no cost to join. You do not have the full benefits as a regular Sales Consultant but it is a wonderful way to begin your business. You can upgrade to a Sales Consultant at any time just by purchasing a kit from any line.

What is the commission percentage/level?
Earn up to a 30% commission on all personal sales of Richmont Direct merchandise from your very first day of business. Sales Consultants can purchase product samples from any Richmont Direct product line at a 50% discount. Earn up to 6% commission when you become a Team Leader on the sales of each Richmont team member you personally recruit. Gain an additional 5% commissions on the sales of your Richmont Direct team when you become a Manager.

Is there support and training for new reps?
DEFINITELY! I personally am available by email or telephone to assist any consultant with all of the information that they will need to begin and grow their business. No problem or question is ever too small for me to respond to. Online resources are also available with many folders filled with a wealth of information. They are updated and added to often. Personal contacts are made by me to announce any changes or new products in any of the product lines. Additional contact information to other Richmont managers is also given to all of my Sales Consultants if for some reason I am unable to be reached and there is an immediate need. You are never alone with Richmont!

What do you like most about this company?
What drew me to the company originally was the fact that it is Christian based. The founder has a deep faith in God and the passion to assist people that have a desire to earn an income and be profitable. The products were also a big draw to me. All of the items in all four lines are excellent quality. All consultants are treated as if they are the only sales person that they have, giving full attention to each and every need that may come up. I also love the fact that each consultant has the potential to grow their sales to as large or small that they want it. The home party hostess earning potential is also very generous which makes booking parties rather easy. Richmont is a vehicle that my sales force can use to enrich the lives of their families.

If you would like more information about Richmont Direct or would like to join, email Teresa.

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