Next Sunday begins the journey through the gates. With praises and loud voices we wave palm branches to welcome Jesus into the gates of Jerusalem. But, within a few days, we watch as his ministry on earth appears to crumble. Plots against him escalate. He and his disciples hide out in an upper room to […]

A Grave Situation

Have you ever felt buried? I have. The hole seemed so deep, yet themroeI tried toclimb my way out,the more I kept sinking.Exhausted, physically, emotionally and spititually, I lay as if paralyzed. Stress, job pressures, finances, loss, sorrow, poor self-image – they all were shovels of dirt thrown on top of me, suffocating any positive outlook, trapping […]

Dreading It

Today, I have to go to the dentist. Just saying the word raises my blood pressure. My chest tightens a touch…well more than that. I have a cavern in one tooth. I can feel it with my tongue. Probably it is not more than a pin prick, it just seems that huge. Logic tells me […]

Dusting Time

Lent began yesterday, March 5th. I grew up giving up things for Lent– like sweets, soft drinks, or chewing gum. So I can relate to this story I found online when constructing the bulletins for the Lenten services at the church where I work: “Some years ago a friend of mine told me that he […]

Good Intentions

 by Julie B Cosgrove “I know he meant to help.” Jane shook the packet of sweetener like a red flag in front of a bull. “But he folded all the towels wrong. I had to redo them all so they’d hang right on the racks in the bathroom before our guests arrived. I barely had time […]